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  • CURRENTLY Michael is running the, just extended, "BUDDY" at Florida Repertory Theatre in Ft. Myers FL. Where critics are saying, "Michael Perrie, Jr. is outstanding as Holly and not only does he look like him with the signature thick rimmed glasses, but his vocals are astounding and he never misses a beat or breaks for a fraction of a second as he has mastered the character" -ABC2
  • Michael just closed "BUDDY: The Buddy Holly Story" at Florida Studio Theatre in Sarasota, FL. To countless rave reviews calling him, "Perrie is engaging and presents such a realistic portrayal of the famed musician. He truly immersed himself in the character. His baritone voice and punch moves exemplify the musician in so many ways. Perrie goes beyond an impersonation which is so easy to do in this type of musical and truly embodies the role. He is expressive and is equally talented on his instruments which is a hallmark of the legendary performer." -
  • Michael also recently played CARL PERKINS in "Million Dollar Quartet" at Mill Mountain Theatre in Roanoke, VA. Where, "Michael Perrie Jr. embodies the struggle of a young talent trying to navigate the harsh realities of the music industry."
  • His newest musical, "My Favorite Podcast" based on the incredibly popular my favorite murder true crime podcast ran online produced with VIRTUAL VENUE THEATRICALS.
  • Michael can be seen as FRANK CARNEY in History Channel's season 2 of "The Food That Built America".
  • Recently he's completed a bunch of NEW Voice Over projects for; Classical Radio Rhode Island, the AWARD WINNING Indieworks "Bite Sized Broadway" series, Spencer Robelen Presents (Podcast), and "A Crickets Tale" the audiobook-musical.
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